Bricky by Felasold
Bricky - The brick building game.
  • Free Try the free version now!
  • More Let loose your imagination with an unlimited supply of bricks.
  • Wow A variety of brick shapes in a rainbow of colors.
  • Easy Building Just touch and drag to move around bricks.
  • Easy Cleanup Need we say more?
  • S, M, L, XL The perfect board size awaits you.
  • Oops Undo and redo - no more regets.
  • Switch Auto-save and continue makes switching apps easy.
  • Woosh Zoom, scroll, rotate, and tilt to your hearts content.
  • Check it out Save screenshots to share with your friends.
  • Recall Save and restore your creations.
  • Heavy Duty Turn on and off gravity.
  • HD Fully compatible with the iPad and iPhone 4's Hi-Res displays.
  • Kudos Send us a screenshot of your works of genius.
  • Help A guided tour will show you the ropes.
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